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I am an interdisciplinary artist living and working in the Spokane, WA area. As a dance/theatre/visual artist, I find that ideas expressed through the movement and shapes created by the body are like words in a universal language.

The term interdisciplinary artist can be a confusing one, but I see it this way: Artists work to solve problems, to answer questions, and to question answers. An interdisciplinary artist uses any and many art forms to work toward that ‘resolution.’ So even though my website is divided by genre, you will quickly see the overlap.

Most Production Photos by Summer Berry

Coloring Book & Inspiration
VA Gallery Painting
Weaving Our Sister Voices (2005)
Zag Dance (2010-2011)
VA Gallery Painting
Painting in three panels
Dance class painting

Watch "How the Dance Unfolds" - a video about student life in dance

My TED Talk is now up! Watch it here!

Click here to watch my reflection on risk taking in dance and the arts

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