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I am a choreographer, teacher, and dancer. As the Director of the Dance Program for Gonzaga University, I teach dance and have the opportunity to choreograph many works each year. I created the Dance Minor programs at both Gonzaga and Whitworth Universities.

My Dance Philosophy:

The art form of dance is a metaphor for life. Dancers have to overcome adversity, be present in the moment, deeply feel emotions, and communicate. This communication occurs through the physicality of bodily movement. Bodies in motion are the expression of spirit and it is my hope that audiences gather meaning from the motion and positions that I sculpt with my dancers and that they relate to the feelings expressed physically.

Sample of work:

  • Spring Dance Concerts – Gonzaga U. 2001-Present

  • Broadway Unbound Concerts – Whitworth U. 2000-2010

  • 'Temporal Desires' Video – Museum of Arts and Culture

Complete resume available under the CV tab.

'125 Years Dance Celebration' Gonzaga Dance Program Film:

Dancing Around Campus (2014):


Icelandic Gibberish
When you're a Jett
Final class dancing outside
Comings and Goings
Jazz I
Flash Mob'n
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