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Gonzaga Dance Program Newsletters

In the News.....

Gonzaga's First Repertory Dance Company Leaps into Interdisciplinary Collaboration - Gonzaga News, November 29, 2017 (

The Gonzaga University Repertory Dance Company "is a natural bridge between the program we have now and the program of the future.”

Summer residency program at Spokane’s Laboratory results in dance/multimedia projects - Spokesman Review, August 17, 2017 (

Irish filmmaker Deirdre O’Toole "credits Gonzaga University’s dance program director Suzanne Ostersmith with inspiring her with ways to show water without actually using water."

Explore the marvels of Maryhill Museum of Art - The Columbian, March 17, 2017 (

"You could make a whole day of it July 15 by taking in dance before you take in the stars. Gonzaga University instructor Suzanne Ostersmith and her students will celebrate the legacy of modern dancer Loïe Fuller in outdoor afternoon performances, discussions and films."

Gonzaga dance welcomes expert on silk-and-blacklight dance, Jessica Lindberg Coxe - Gonzaga Bulletin, October 20, 2016 (

"Ostersmith sees Loïe as an embodiment of the GU dance program’s future with the introduction of the new interdisciplinary arts minor, as the famous dancer forged connections among the fields of dance, music composition, theatre, visual arts and even science.'"

Gonzaga students to study religion, arts in London this summer - Gonzaga Bulletin, October 19, 2016

'When I teach it here at Gonzaga, we talk a lot about theory, we engage in and see a lot of work,' added Ostersmith, 'but in London, we’re going to talk about those forms and go to very wonderful places to talk about these arts. London is a delicious place in order to sample all these art forms.'"

New minor turns up the STEAM - Gonzaga Bulletin, January 28, 2016

"Gonzaga’s Academic Council is allowing students to merge their artistic talents after approving Suzanne Ostersmith’s interdisciplinary arts minor in December. ... 'There is this notion that people cannot make money in the arts, but I want to structure this program to take those skills in the arts and integrate them into a chosen career field.  I want it to be a synthesis with the student’s major.'

Parkinson’s patients explore joy of movement in Gonzaga dance class - Spokesman Review, November 14, 2013

"After returning from special Parkinson’s dance training with the Mark Morris Dance Company in Brooklyn last year, Ostersmith began involving her own students more in the class."

Dance Director tackles new art form - Gonzaga Bulletin, November 3, 2011

"Gonzaga's Suzanne Ostersmith is once again using her passion to integrate art, dance and the Gonzaga community into one piece of art. Ostersmith, the director of Gonzaga's dance program, has an art piece in a new exhibit at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture in Browne's Addition.....'While I am working on my own art, I also feel like I'm teaching. My students are seeing me take risks and put myself out there, and that's what I really want to teach.'"

MAC launches three new exhibits - Spokesman Review Sec. C, October 13, 2011

"Some use surprising methods to make their points. Suzanne Ostersmith choreographed an interpretive dance, which plays on a video screen. near the screen, a tall length of paper cascades to the floor, covered with dark images and footprints. It soon becomes clear: The dancers were dancing on this paper, with charcoaled feet. We are seeing their charcoaled steps on the paper. That's just one of the many thought provoking approaches."

Production unveils lives of women in Scripture - Spokesman Review, January 23, 2010

"A collaboration of the theater/dance, religious studies and music departments, [Weaving Our Sisters' Voices] was created by poet-writer-biblical scholar Linda Schearing and director-choreographer Suzanne Ostersmith. The spark for the production began when Ostersmith choreographed The Medieval Mysteries for the Theater program in 2002 and realized that 90 percent of students auditioning were women, but 90 percent of the parts were for men.'The disparity ignited my desire to create a piece about the lives of women in Scripture in relationship to our lives,' she said."

GU students in step with kids - Spokesman Review, Octover 29, 2005

"Suzanne Ostersmith, who teaches dance at Gonzaga and Whitworth College, set up the program that led to this class. She said each fall her students will be out in the community, and there’s potential for the program to grow."

Green Bluff theater funds scholarships - Spokesman Review, September 16, 2004

"Suzanne Ostersmith, director/actor, is a professor of dance and theater at Whitworth College and Gonzaga University. This is the sixth year she has directed the annual production. 'This is true community theater. It’s a chance for people to come up to Green Bluff, pick some apples and have some fun,' Ostersmight said. 'It’s always silly. Many community members join in.'"

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